Carolyn Mendes

Client Service & Marketing Associate

Headshot of Carolyn Mendes

“I’m very outgoing. The flip side of that is being approachable, which I think is so important in work and life.”

So for Carolyn, who loves animals, her pet chihuahua Meilo was the ideal choice of dog. “He’s so cute that he attracts a lot of attention. People are always coming over to us and saying hello. They think he’s a puppy because he’s so small, but in dog years, he’s older than I am.”

At Surround Wealth Advisors, Carolyn organizes client events and provides outstanding client service – placing trades, taking client inquiries and running reports, for example. Approachability – a key element of the Surround brand foundation – in this context is about creating client trust.

“When clients are really comfortable contacting me with any questions or concerns about their account or any aspect of their life overall – that’s what gives me the most satisfaction. And that’s when we are one step closer to our vision: To have a close personal and professional connection with every one of our clients. That’s when we are giving our clients the greatest possible value.”

In her spare time, Carolyn loves to participate in charitable events and doing something good, from the heart, for people who need a hand. She also enjoys cooking, and experiencing the great outdoors with family and friends.

In any relationship, she believes that small details are a big deal. Like asking how someone’s day is. Or buying a stranger a coffee. As she says, “I want to be known for my kindness, and for the way I help people make a difference in the world.”

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