The Surroundup


  • by Gillian Stovel Rivers, MA, CFP®, CEA
  • June 27, 2024

Photo by: Ann H (Pexels)

The Client Survey from Absolute Engagement landed in your inboxes on April 25th.

A very important exercise conducted by this leading client research company, the exercise and its various reports and insights gives us critical feedback on our ability to delivery on what you deem most important.

Our highest priority is helping you work toward and achieve your financial and life goals. We recently invited you to share your input to ensure we are delivering the personalized guidance and support you need and expect today and into the future.

Your responses provided us with valuable insights including overall satisfaction, what is most important to you, what you’d like to learn more about and how we can best engage with you going forward.

We were thrilled and humbled by your recognition of our efforts focused on:

  • 93% of all clients Somewhat or Strongly Agree that they feel financially secure;
  • 96% of clients Somewhat or Strongly Agree that their advisor at Surround clearly and effectively communicates complex financial concepts; and
  • 98% of all clients are Satisfied or Very Satisfied with their overall advisory relationship with Surround.

Between these highlights and other areas that you told us about, we recognize and appreciate the feedback that we do a solid job as educators and purveyors of sometimes complex information in changing times to allow clients to maintain their sense of financially security.

You also shared what you’d like to learn more about, what you find most valuable and how you would prefer to engage. As a result, we will be looking at opportunities to further enhance your experience over the next year including:

  • 50% of our respondents indicated a Somewhat or High level of concern about ensuring their children make good financial decisions;
  • 55% indicated a Somewhat or High level of concern about personal or family health; and
  • 73% indicated a Somewhat or High level of concern about the impact of market corrections and volatility on their ability to reach long-term goals.

These are terrific insights that provide us with guidance, amongst other topics that resonated as well, as to issues we can continue to take up in live and web based events to further our relationship with you, and our collective dialogue and education on the things that matter most as it relates to you and your wealth and family.

Thank you to all who took the time to share your thoughts with us! Your responses will help shape the range of services, tools and resources we provide, and help us to further personalize your experience with us. We look forward to discussing the survey results with you further at our next meeting.

If you have any questions on the results, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your continued partnership, on behalf of Surround Wealth Advisors.