What we do

The Surround Manifesto

In a nutshell, we manage our clients’ wealth and help them prepare for important life events. But it’s the way we do it that makes the difference. We live and work each day according to our manifesto – our declaration to the world of our core values – and the value it brings to our clients.

  • Andrew Hawryluk at the Surround Wealth Advisors office in Burlington, Ontario
    1. Money is not wealth.

      True wealth cannot be counted in dollars and cents. It comes from so much more than money. That said, each person’s definition of wealth will be different. Part of our unique process is to engage in continuous discovery with you, so we understand – and you understand – exactly how you want to experience wealth. As a result, the wealth plan we create for you will be unique, inspired and rich with meaning.

      It will all start with the question: “How do you wealth?”

    2. Great communication around money is great for families.

      Money is a language. Our job is to teach it to you – so you can have the important conversations that will preserve and strengthen harmony between spouses, with children and with any other family members you want to include. Triggering events will happen. It could be a marriage, a new baby, a new house, a challenge with a mortgage or any number of things. When those moments arrive, we’ll make sure you’re ready to talk about them effectively.

  • Adil Mohammed at the Surround Wealth Advisors office in Burlington, Ontario
    1. Our clarity gives you control.

      We’ll make sure that when the time comes to make a big decision, you have the clarity you need to make the call with confidence. We have a very high level of comfort with state-of-the-art software that allows us to plan interactively with you, always with reference to the comprehensive wealth plan we created, one-of-a-kind, for you.

    2. Small details are a huge deal.

      Mastery of the small details provides multiples of comfort to our clients. We make sure we have all the information we need – every small detail about your assets, overall financial picture and life goals – so we can make a truly big difference for you. Our three principals, along with our support staff, take a team approach, so you have multiple layers of people paying attention to your world.

  • Gillian Stovel Rivers at the Surround Wealth Advisors office in Burlington, Ontario
    1. What we do equals what we get.

      Wealth does not happen by chance. It happens through awareness and the development and persistence of good habits, all of which we will coach you on – accentuating what you are good at, and working with you on areas of opportunity.

    2. Being kind comes back to you.

      You can count on kindness from us. It’s an important part of our culture. We believe it will come back to us, and we like to work with people who see this the same way.

    3. Be anything, but be the best.

      In our personal and professional lives, we are constantly working on ourselves. We are always learning, always improving and always getting stronger. We are doing it for us, and we are doing it for you – because when a new or challenging situation arises, we are fit to attack it. Because we are a team, we have more capacity than other firms. We will fight harder because it is in our daily routine, we like to win – and we like it even more when you win.

We pride ourselves on:

  • A focus on wealth planning for you, mindful of and considerate of your inheritors
  • Maximizing after-tax returns
  • Objective advice through an appropriate, scaled, competitive, fee-based approach
  • An unparalleled respect for financial and investment discipline
  • Comprehensive holdings, performance and tax reporting
  • A proactive team that’s high energy, high end, responsive, clear, intelligent and approachable

“There is no slick salesmanship of any kind. They are very personable, and working with my family and my wife was definitely appreciated. And their follow-up communication is far greater than anything we have experienced before.”

— Dr. Cal Gutkin