There’s more than
one way to wealth®

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Three advisors,
all partners.

Three skill sets,
all different.

Whatever you need, we’ve got it surrounded.

Wealth is about more than money. It’s about health, family harmony – in fact, wealth is whatever you want it to be. However you wealth, all three of our partners are all over it. We’ve got the skills, tools, products and services to help you become and stay wealthy – on your terms.

What we do

How do
you wealth?

We know that true wealth is about more than money. That it can’t be counted in dollars and cents. And yet, there is no single definition. For you, the components might relate to health, lifestyle, happiness, relationships, giving back, freedom, travel and so much more – or less. Your version of wealth will be a combination unique to you.

Simply put, everyone wealths differently.

We asked some of our clients, and here’s what they said.

Surround: The Name

We take a unique team approach. Our three principals – Gillian Stovel Rivers, Andrew Hawryluk and Adil Mohammed – are all advisors. They are all equal partners. They are all up to date on every client and can support each of them fully. That said, each advisor brings a unique skill set and perspective to the table.

The upshot? Whatever your needs are, whatever situation arises, we’ve got it surrounded.

Meet the Surround team


  • In 2020, a third party conducted an in-depth survey of nine of our clients, to find out what they thought of us. One of the questions asked was: “Can you summarize the Surround brand in one word?

    We are very honoured to report that, completely unaided, seven of the nine clients used the very same words:

    “trusted” or “trustworthy.”

    — Mike and Katie Van Den Bosch

  • “In any industry, there are people you don’t necessarily trust. So I think that when you are dealing with finances, when you are dealing with money and you are dealing with the goals we have for our family, you need to partner up with someone you do really trust – hence why this partnership has become so important. We feel covered because [Surround] has our back.”

    — The Dinis Family