Andrew is a huge car buff. It’s the details that he loves.

“Consider the Genesis. It’s a premium luxury brand, but it’s not flashy. The people who buy it have done their homework: they know that it’s every bit as good as a BMW that costs a lot more.”

Andrew also loves to help others. He takes satisfaction in the relief that people feel when someone is taking care of the details for them, and that no stone is being left unturned.

“I want to manage everything, whether complex or simple, for you. If someone wants us only to invest their assets and do nothing else, they are not our ideal clients.”

“We want to work with people who want us to do a lot for them.”

Andrew Hawryluk with his sons

Inspired by the entrepreneurship of his grandparents, Andrew has always respected the smooth transfer of legacy from one generation to the next. His hope is for one or both of his children to join him at Surround Wealth Advisors and eventually carry on his work. Many clients have in fact experienced Andrew’s sensitivity to legacy, in that he is recognized for his thorough – and above all, compassionate – approach to wills and estates.

Family, along with community, is indeed a focal point for Andrew. He is actively involved in his kids’ sports and school, as well as the Community Council in Ancaster – where he grew up, lives now, and plans to live for the rest of his life.

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