We’re high energy
and high end.

We’re responsive, clear, intelligent and approachable.

We’re Surround, and we’ve got this.

Our brand foundation

It’s who we are, what we do, why we’re doing it and where we’re going. It’s the foundation of everything we do, and it’s our enthusiastic yet solemn promise to you.

Our core purpose

To enrich lives by showing people that wealth is more than money.

Our vision

To have a close personal and professional connection with every one of our clients.

Our mission

We’re not just thinking about the next day. We’re thinking about the next level.

Our character

  • High energy
  • High end
  • Responsive
  • Clear
  • Intelligent
  • Approachable

Our position

There’s more than one way to wealth®

Check out our manifesto

“We don’t see the opportunities they see. When do we tap into our RRSPs or our income, for example? They seem to know how to move all of these pieces completely within our comfort zone. They have read us in terms of our comfort level. They always know when and how to tell us the best thing to do.”

— J & M