Adil Mohammed, CFP®, CIM®, FCSI®

Wealth Advisor

Adil’s drive for high achievement was honed early. That’s what growing up in a family of doctors will do for you.

“I was taught that whatever you do, you should always try to excel to the limit of your capability. Like our manifesto says at Surround Wealth Advisors, ‘Be anything, but be the best.’”

In Adil’s career, this drive has manifested in a wealth advisory practice focused on the understanding that all aspects of a client’s life are connected and equally important.  To borrow a term from the medical profession, Adil’s practice operates as a multidisciplinary team (MDT), which relies on Adil bringing to the table all relevant subject-matter experts including accountants, estate lawyers, planners, investment specialists and others, working together seamlessly.

“Be anything, but be the best.”

Adil Mohammed playing tennis

“A team cannot provide optimal holistic advice if its members are working in silos,” Adil says. “We work in harmony as our clients’ most highly-trusted advisors – people they enjoy working with and are comfortable turning to on all of their life matters, whether directly related to wealth management or not.  We give our clients the comfort that they have a full team on their side, one they can count on to be looking out for their best interests at all times – so they can simply focus on what they most enjoy doing.”

The MDT approach indeed relies very heavily on relationships. As Adil says, “Our vision is to have a close personal and professional connection with every one of our clients. When you have a deeper level of relationship and even friendship with a client, that’s when you can provide the most profound advice.  We know our clients’ lives – their families, their values, their likes and dislikes – and we give them a sense of urgency and consistency that conveys just how deeply we care about them.”

Married with children, Adil has been a huge sports fan since childhood, when he grew up playing soccer and tennis with his brother. “That competitive streak has me always wanting to go beyond for myself, my team and most important of all, my clients,” he says.  How can we improve that experience? It’s right there in our mission: We’re not just thinking about the next day. We’re thinking about the next level.”

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