Danielle Raycroft

Client Service & Marketing Associate

Headshot of Danielle Raycroft

Danielle is always smiling.

Where does the joy come from? “I have so much to be grateful for. I love going for walks with my family, and I love to travel with my husband – we actually met as newborns. What could be more joyful than that?”

Danielle also finds joy in organization. But she isn’t just organized. In her personal life, and in taking care of clients at Surround Wealth Advisors, she is extremely organized.

“I know I am in the right place, because the team here wants us to be happy. And we want our clients to be happy too, of course. I love our tagline – There’s more than one way to wealth – because it says that true wealth is more than just money. And we’re going to help you get to that place, wherever it may be. I can help because I have a strong sense of empathy, so it’s easy for me to see things from the perspective of others.”

Danielle also identifies especially strongly with this element of the Surround Wealth Advisors manifesto: Be anything, but be the best.

“I think you should work hard at everything you do. Success is setting goals and reaching them. It is living a life that you are proud to live, and that brings joy to you and others.”

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