The Surroundup


  • by Andrew Hawryluk
  • June 27, 2022

Andrew Hawryluk and family
Can I just say how great it is that things have opened up?

As you may know, my family is a busy bunch. One of the many tough things about the pandemic was that families did not have the ability to participate in their normal activities. In our family, it was largely our kids’ sports that were cancelled: hockey, baseball and football.

With the cautious re-opening of things earlier this year, we have finally been able to resume many of those activities, including hockey and baseball tournaments. The first few tournaments felt a bit wobbly, as it quite often came down to a week or so before each tournament to know if it was actually going to be held.

The tournaments were great. They immediately took us back to a time a few years ago when we could just have fun. The kids and parents enjoyed the camaraderie. It was a great time to re-establish connections and make new friends – and that’s real wealth to me!